Once Upon A Time Recap: Our Decay

I know it’s the middle of the season, but I love Once Upon A Time, so I’m going to start recapping episodes, hopefully every week (although that is a little unlikely). Anyway, let the fangirling commence!

First of all… **SPOILER ALERT!!!** I hope that was enough of a warning for people to notice!

So last episode, we ended with finding out that Hades had some sort of relationship with Zelena in the past. (I couldn’t find a way to do a short, thorough recap, since so much always happens each episode).

In this episode, Our Decay, I cried, (or almost did) three times, so it was an emotional episode. (But it almost always is…) The episode starts with Zelena in Oz, looking at a clip of her mother Cora leaving her on the ground as a baby and saying she was giving her her “best chance.” The Scarecrow, from the The Wicked Wizard of Oz is then called to Zelena, who needs his brain to make a potion to go back in time, something that is extremely dangerous, and has never been achieved. Just as she goes to pull out is brain, Dorothy arrives to save the day! The Scarecrow gets to keep his brain!


This moment also involved one of the best lines of the episode, said by Dorothy: “Well, witch, I’m back!”

Next, we have Hades, up to no good. But honestly, what else is new? He forces Rumple to make a portal that will go to Storybrooke, saying that if Rumple does what he wants, he will tear up the contract, and him and Belle can keep their baby. If not, they will still have to give their child to Hades. He is in search of another baby at the moment however: Zelena’s. In Storybrooke, Zelena has come looking for her baby, disguised as Mother Superior, and when the real Mother Superior comes in, all goes to hell. They get in a big fight, but then a portal opens up, which unknown to them, is the one Rumple was forced to open in the Underworld. To save the baby from Zelena, Belle, who has the baby in her arms, jumps into the portal, and Zelena follows.

Still on the subject of babies, Snow starts to get worried about having left baby Neal in Storybrooke for so long, as is David. While in the Underbrooke Diner, they are told by The Blind Witch that there is a “haunting booth,” where the dead can speak to the living. They exchange some of David’s breath (it’s a big sell in the black market apparently?!) and go to send a message to Neal.

While this is happening, the rest of the crew (Regina, Robin, Henry, Emma and Hook) try to figure out how to defeat Hades, after Liam ruined their last attempt by destroying the book pages about the god of the Underworld. Then Zelena runs onto the scene, looking distraught. She states that her baby is in trouble, after disappointing Regina at the fact that she’s not dead, just visiting. Ya know, just a chill vaycay.

Back in the past, we see Hades make a deal with Zelena to help her make her potion.

Literally Hades and Zelena at the end of this scene

Hades says he understands how Zelena feels, because his brother, Zeus, is the god of the sky, and got everything. He forced Hades to to rule the Underworld, even stopping his heart, preventing him from living in the real world and leaving the Underworld behind. He reveals that the only way to restart his heart is true love’s kiss. Yes. That again.


Hades wants to help her get revenge, because he wants the same thing. He plans to go back in time and force Zeus to rule the Underworld, so that he can run the world.

Then Robin the Badass Father to the rescue!


After hearing his daughter is in trouble, Robin grabs his bow and arrow and goes out to save the day with his girlfriend and his baby mama. That may seem weird, but family ties are complicated on Once Upon A Time.

Here comes a section that broke my heart: Belle finding Rumple in Underbrooke, then finding out he made some huge mistakes…again. Therefore, it’s only a happy reunion for a minute. It’s kind of hard to be a happy couple when one person is so kind, caring and forgiving, and the other one is extremely selfish. Even though Rumple truly loves her, his love for power is equal, if not stronger. He tells her about the contract, which is a good step and also that she’s pregnant. The part that really ripped my heart in two was when Belle’s face changed from happiness to anger and confusion about the fact that he basically sold away their child. She also puts the pieces together, and realizes he is yet again the Dark One. And remember how he became the Dark One again?


Yeah. Letting heroes die for his power. He’s such a great person. Not. To make matters with Belle worse, he tells he she never fell in love with the man behind the beast, because there isn’t Rumple without the Dark One. He tells her that she will just have to accept him as both. I wish I could have a husband like him! He’s such a great person and really seems to care for Belle and think about how this affects her. I want her to just leave, but then again they have these adorable moments that make me ship them again and ugh!

So this is basically me…

Heading back into the past, Hades and Zelena enchant Dorothy’s bike in order to find her and the Scarecrow. But not before Hades teaches Zelena what a bike is and they have a really cute moment riding around and laughing. I ship it!


I know Hades can be so manipulative, but just wait until the end of this post, because you’ll see why I trust him more.

The scene flips to present day, and Robin, Zelena and Regina find the baby! Yay! Belle still had her, so she was safe the whole time. Although he is frightened to, Robin hands his daughter to Zelena, because she says she wanted to feed her. Turns out, she wanted to feed her…and never giver her back. She discovers her magic works again, and sends them out of the way, running away from them with her daughter. They always trust her, and she always betrays their trust. However, she has never looked out for anyone but herself, really, so I’m not surprised. Well her, and now her daughter. A few moments later, Zelena realizes she hurt her baby with her somewhat unpredictable magic (the Underworld makes it that way, since she shouldn’t be able to perform any at all); she gets very sad and begins to cry. This also caused me to get choked up, because she cares so much, and you can tell she feels so awful about it. Character development! Zelena cares for someone else! But I still want her to stay evil, don’t get me wrong.

In the past, Hades and Zelena then arrive at Dorothy’s house and Zelena rips out the Scarecrow’s brain, but surprisingly, doesn’t kill Dorothy. All because she wants everyone to know Dorothy couldn’t defeat her. Oh Zelena, you are so good at being evil.

Now comes the saddest part of the episode. I think. Maybe. The end killed me too, but this just…I couldn’t take it. Regina, Belle and Robin find Zelena, who is hiding in a house with her child. After they yell for a little while to come out she does, with tears in her eyes. She says her baby isn’t safe with her, and begs them to keep her daughter safe. She starts crying hard, not knowing if she will ever see her daughter again. Now do you get why I cried?! It turns out the whole reason she thought her daughter wasn’t safe is because she thinks Hades wants to use her child for the spell to go back in time. (For the spell, you need something that represents innocence).

On a happier note, (that still made me cry a little bit), David and Snow find out from Henry, who wrote it down, because he’s the author, that Neal heard their voices. Neal heard them sing him to sleep through the mobile that hangs above his bed (the unicorn one), which I thought was so cute and made me very happy. And of course, this moment didn’t pass without a inspirational and somewhat cheesy speech about getting home and defeating Hades by Snow. Oh the Charming’s and their super hopeful speeches.

Yup…nothing cheesy about that…

Back in the past, Hades makes a dinner for Zelena and talks about his love for her. He says he no longer wants revenge, he just wants to be with her, and in order to do that he needs her to kiss him, because he believes it will be true love’s kiss. He thinks this because while they were having their oh-so-cute moment on the bike, he felt a flutter in his heart. Zelena almost kisses him, but then thinks he might be manipulating her into freeing him and stealing her potion. He assures her all he wants is to live with her, but eventually leaves, saying she will regret her answer. Wow, Hades and Rumple. Two men that really know how to woo women.


We then see Hades and Zelena in the present, where Hades explains the portal was to get her baby away from the heroes, and that he made the Underworld look like Storybrooke all for her, and that he is still in love with her. She rejects him again, saying she needs to go get her baby as her daughter is no longer in danger. But she has to do it alone. Hades again says he’ll be waiting for her, and that he is still in love with her. I got emotional here, too. Big surprise. I feel like he really does love her, because he was getting emotional and seemed like he really cared for her. However, he is very manipulative.

Next Week’s Episode: Her Handsome Hero

Here’s a promo clip for the next episode:

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