A Guide to Surviving Fictional Character Deaths

As you could probably figure out, there will be lots of spoilers in this post, but if you hadn’t guessed…***SPOILER ALERT***

I love books, movies and TV shows (good ones anyway), but usually, at some point, something bad happens to a character. That happened this last Sunday to one of (if not my) favorite characters on Once Upon A Time. (SPOILER!!) And this time, we know there is no saving Hook, it seems. There are a lot of specifics, but basically, they figured out that even the Underworld had no way to save him. (He gets saved in the next episode actually, but I have yet to see it. Either way, it was still hard to deal with when it happened, so just go with it). And I deal with this kind of heartbreak on a relatively frequent basis.


A character I really cared about dies, and it’s really hard! Ughhh. I think there are a few kinds of character deaths, and different ways to deal with them all. Below I will help you, and we will survive this pain. Our fangirl and fanboy hearts will survive. Somehow.

A character you really loved a lot: Like Captain Hook, maybe there is a character you really love that added a lot to your movie/book/TV show. For example, Hook added humor, sarcasm, sassiness, romance and character development to the show. He was one of the best characters, and had a very good story line. But another character like this for me is Fred Weasley (SPOILER!!) or Rudy from The Book Thief (SPOILER!!).

Ways to get over this kind of death:

  • Let yourself cry (I cried about Hook while taking off my makeup, for example. Maybe not then, though. It makes the eye makeup remover sting. I’m telling you this so you don’t have to experience what I did. It hurts really bad). But really sob. Let yourself be sad. There’s no point in denying the pain you feel.
  • Talk to people about how great the character was so you can properly grieve
  • Do not under any circumstances you ever re-read or watch the part where said character died. Do you want to cry more???
I shouldn’t have used this. This scene was too sad, and now I’m thinking about it. Ughhhh NO!
  • Try not to think about it, and when you do, think of the good times. Like when Emma and Hook were together and kissed for the first time, or when Hook had sassy arguments with Regina 🙂

See? This makes me happy 🙂

This comeback thooooooo
A character you had mixed feelings about – I think this might be the hardest character to deal with because your emotions are more complex. You are kind of glad, but you also cared about them.


The best example of this for me is Snape. He was good! But so bad, too! Ugggggh.

Ways to get over this kind of death:

  • Think of all the bad things they did so you don’t feel sad
  • When you’re ready, think of all the good things they did
  • Cry. Cry more.
Cry until you look like this gif of Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Eat ice cream/other sweets while watching/reading more of the book/show so you can deal with the pain
  • Again, do not re-read/re-watch the part where said character died. Too many feels to handle.

A character you hated – This is the fun one! There’s nothing to get over, you just get to celebrate! For me, this was Dolores Umbridge. I mean, Voldemort too, but especially that pink bitch. She deserved what she got.

Ways to get over this kind of death:

  • Plan a party. Have your friends over, eat some good food, and celebrate! They died! You’re favorite characters are safe!
  • Sing!
  • Dance!
  • Go back to watching/reading your show/book while smiling like a crazy person.

Comment Below: Did you experience a character death recently? If so, did you like the character? (If you want to mention names, please put a spoiler alert first!)


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