Chris Cornell Songs You Need to Know

Two years ago today, we lost Chris Cornell, an irreplaceable musician. He wrote beautiful lyrics and had an even more amazing voice to sing them with. (I have a much more personal post on the strong connection I feel to Cornell’s music here if you want to read it). Over his long career he was in Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and had a solo career. I’m going to showcase some of his lesser known songs and his wonderful performances today. (But I of course love Cochise and Outshined as much as the next person).


Here are some excellent songs in chronological order of when each album came out. I limited myself to two songs per album…but he had a lot of albums, so…it’s looooong…probably too long…oops.

You can listen to the playlist here

Additional Performances:

Here are some amazing performances I didn’t have linked above but felt needed to be included:

If you want to share, I would love to hear your favorite songs by him or how his music has impacted you.

Loud Love ❤

My Favorite Unknown Foo Fighters Songs

As I just saw Foo Fighters live last week, I was inspired to make this playlist, consisting of some of my favorite songs of theirs that not as many people know. This list will not have “Everlong,” “My Hero” or “Best of You.” But it will have lots of other great songs! There is no order to the songs and these are certainly not all of my favorite songs because that’s just too hard to pick (there’s too many great songs!)

  1. Hey, Johnny Park!
  2. The Last Song
  3. Bridge Burning
  4. Wattershed
  5. Enough Space
  6. Arlandria
  7. Stacked Actors
  8. Disenchanted Lullaby
  9. Gimme Stitches
  10. The Feast and The Famine
  11. Arrows
  12. Congregation
  13. But, Honestly
  14. T-Shirt
  15. Something from Nothing
  16. Let It Die
  17. Friend of a Friend

You can hear the playlist here.

Halloween Playlist

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you all have a good costume to wear or at least eat some good candy. I have finals (so a bunch of tests) to do today and tomorrow, so I’m just doing the latter. To celebrate this Halloween, I decided to make a playlist of songs that are creepy or sound that way. I’m not sure that the transitions are super smooth, as I had trouble making all of these songs flow together well, but I tried. Here it is:

  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson
  2. Milk and Cookies – Melanie Martinez
  3. Gasoline – Halsey
  4. Morphine – Michael Jackson
  5. One Eyed Girl – Hands Off Gretel
  6. Broomstick – L7
  7. Blood on the Dance Floor – Michael Jackson
  8. Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
  9. Eating Simon – Hands Off Gretel
  10. Threatened – Michael Jackson

You can hear the playlist on Spotify here.