My Month in Music – February

I’m starting something new! I’m going to be talking about what music I listened to each month. I’m slightly worried about this as I can be pretty terrible about listening to anything new, but we’ll see how this goes.

So first off, I decided to do this towards the end of February, which means this month may not be the most accurate. There are certain songs or albums I may have listened to a lot that I forgot here. March will be more accurate as I will be tracking my music, as I will know the post is coming up.

Now I just want to tell you a little about how I listen to music. Overall, I am pretty bad at listening to new music. I have a long list in my Bullet Journal of music to listen to and I want to, but then I don’t. So hopefully, for your sake, this is not as bad as I think and I don’t just talk about how I listened to Live Through This every month. Another habit I have is when I actually listen to new music, I dedicate my time to work my way through their entire discography. In 2016, this is how I got into Hole and Foo Fighters, although listening to all 8 (plus some extra ones, also if you plan to do this, it’s now 9) is admittedly more impressive than Hole’s 4. I am currently doing this with Soundgarden (so that might be noticeable in coming months, as well as this month).



hopeless fountain kingdom – Halsey (2017)

I don’t know why, but it took me so long to actually listen to this album. I knew I liked Halsey’s music before it came out, as I love Badlands, so why it took me so long to actually listen to it I don’t know. But when I finally did, I found I really like it! It re-tells Romeo and Juliet in an interesting way and I like every song on the album.

Some of my favorite songs (in no particular order):

Songs of Experience – U2 (2017)

This album is pretty good, but not amazing. I like all of the songs and there are definitely some I love. But generally, it doesn’t stand out much as an album. Additionally, this is not the most creative U2 has ever been. There were a few remixes and lines I recognize from other songs, a few from Songs of Innocence (the album they forced on everyone), which may not have been the best choice as people really didn’t like that album. One reason it does stand out to me, though, is how hopeful it is. It was written during you know…right now, and for being a band that involves themselves in world issues, it is very optimistic. But Bono has always seemed to believe in America more than most Americans.

Some of my favorite songs (in no particular order):

Ultramega OK – Soundgarden (1988)

I really love this album! (I still haven’t decided if I like Circle of Power though honestly). Other than that, I really like every song on this album and can’t get over how amazing Cornell’s voice truly was (if evidence is needed, just listen to Beyond the Wheel or Smokestack Lightning). I’m not at all surprised I like it though, as I like nearly every Soundgarden song I’ve heard.

Some of my favorite songs (in no particular order):


The Sound of Music Soundtrack (1965)

I had a conversation with my friend about how much we love The Sound of Music, which resulted in my downloading it and remembering how much I love it.

Some of my favorite songs (in no particular order):


  • So…basically I just listened to a ton of Soundgarden…
  • Scotland – The Lumineers (because I’ve just started watching Reign – going to do a review of that when I finish all 4 seasons by the way)
  • Lemon Moon – Charlie Raphael-Campbell

I’m sure there were more songs I really listened to a lot, but I don’t remember but will have more next month.

Comment Below: What music have you listened to recently?


Halloween Playlist

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you all have a good costume to wear or at least eat some good candy. I have finals (so a bunch of tests) to do today and tomorrow, so I’m just doing the latter. To celebrate this Halloween, I decided to make a playlist of songs that are creepy or sound that way. I’m not sure that the transitions are super smooth, as I had trouble making all of these songs flow together well, but I tried. Here it is:

  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson
  2. Milk and Cookies – Melanie Martinez
  3. Gasoline – Halsey
  4. Morphine – Michael Jackson
  5. One Eyed Girl – Hands Off Gretel
  6. Broomstick – L7
  7. Blood on the Dance Floor – Michael Jackson
  8. Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
  9. Eating Simon – Hands Off Gretel
  10. Threatened – Michael Jackson

You can hear the playlist on Spotify here.

Book Review: The Merciless (The Merciless #1)

First off, I just want to apologize, as it has been a whole 3 months since posting on this blog! That is way longer than I wanted to go, but sometimes I just don’t know where my time goes. A lot does go to my homework, for sure. Also, I am going to try something new with my book reviews. With each review, I am going to make a playlist of songs on Spotify that I will link at the end of each review. I’ve been wanting a way to talk more about music and I think this will help do that. The music will also add to the overall mood of the book. Anyway, on to the review!

18667769Title: The Merciless

Author: Danielle Vega

My Rating: ★★★1/2

Summary: “Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood, tied up and gagged. No one outside of these dank basement walls knows she’s here. No one can hear her scream. Sofia Flores knows she shouldn’t have gotten involved. When she befriended the popular girls on her first day at school, she admired their perfect hair and their good-girl ways. They said they wanted to save Brooklyn. They wanted to help her. Sofia didn’t realize they believed Brooklyn was possessed. Now Sofia’s new friends are performing an exorcism on Brooklyn. But their idea of an exorcism is closer to torture than salvation.”

My Thoughts:

The Merciless was intriguing from the beginning. The book stayed that way (for the most part) until the last page. This led to a fast read because there was hardly ever a dull moment. It may have taken me a long time to finish, (again because of school), but I sped through the pages when I did pick it up.

One aspect of the book I was disappointed by were the characters. As other reviews have noted, The Merciless is not a very new plot in terms of the characters. This was not always pointed out in a negative way either, as MTV said, “Mean Girls with an occult twist.” However, I felt the lack of depth the characters made the book less exciting, as the characters didn’t feel original. The basic plot is the same: there’s a new girl at school who makes friends with the most popular clique. Obviously, the plot was a lot darker than Mean Girls, but the base of the story was one I definitely recognized. In addition to this, the relationships between the characters fell a little flat, so I didn’t care as much about them as I could have. Stronger relationships between the characters would have helped later on in the story.

Something Vega did a good job of was making this book really gross. I mean this in the best way possible. The Merciless is a horror series, so the fact I cringed a lot and couldn’t read it too close to bed for the fear of not being able to sleep is a compliment. It was pretty graphic throughout the book. For example:

“Riley presses the knife into Brooklyn’s exposed thigh and pulls the blade toward her knee. She moves the knife so slowly that I hear the skin rip seconds before a thin red line of blood appears on Brooklyn’s leg.”

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to YA readers with strong stomachs.


For this playlist, I picked songs that have a creepy atmosphere to them, including some that are actually about scary things. For example, “Eating Simon” by Hands Off Gretel is about basically what the title states. It talks about a girl who fell in love with a boy named Simon so much so that she wanted him to be a part of her forever…so she ate him. (Lauren Tate, the lead singer’s description, not mine. That is not an interpretation, it’s actually what the song is about). With some (hopefully most) of the songs, I will link a live performance. The link to the whole Spotify playlist will be at the bottom of the post.

  1. Morphine – Michael Jackson
  2. Eating Simon – Hands Off Gretel
  3. Voodoo – Adam Lambert
  4. Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
  5. Threatened – Michael Jackson
  6. Control – Halsey

You can listen to the playlist here.

Thanks for reading! ❤

Mash-Up Mini Series, Song #11

We’re getting close to the end! This is the second to last song in this series, and again, it’s a little more somber. This song is called “Another Lonely Night” by Adam Lambert (yes, again), and “Castle” by Halsey.

This mash-up is “Another Lonely Castle (Mixed Mashup)” by Logan Mashups. I hope you like it 🙂

Listen to the rest of the mash-ups here: